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09/13 Severe Storms and Hail Blast Parts of Arizona

What: Quarter-size hail, Heavy storm

When: September 13, 2023

Where: Cottonville, AZ

Local stations and residents reported several areas of Arizona were affected by the severe storm that delivered heavy rain, quarter-sized hail, massive storm clouds, and local flooding. 

What It Means For Your Home

A storm of this magnitude can cause damage to homes and businesses as it slowly moves its way across the local area. Hazards include 60 mph wind gusts and hail the size of quarters. Not only can people and animals be injured by falling hail; but roofs, siding, and windows in homes can be damaged as well.

Hail Concerns

Hail nearly 1” in diameter can create significant damage, and a professional inspection is advised now that the storm has passed. What are some ways this size of hail can damage your home? 

  • Create dents in shingles
  • Bruise the underlayment
  • Dented or cracked siding
  • Rip holes in window and/or door screens
  • An excessive amount of granular loss

Hails of larger sizes can create even more devastating damage.

  • Broken ridge caps or roof vents
  • Even more destruction to siding, including areas being torn off
  • Cracks in doors and windows from impact

Add to this the strong winds, and your home can be hit by falling trees, broken branches, or areas of roof materials ripped off the house. 

What Can You Do?

Contact TSM Roofing today for a comprehensive inspection and expert advice on any necessary repairs. Delaying these repairs could leave your property vulnerable to further storm-related damage. Prioritize your home’s safety this season by contacting TSM Roofing without delay.