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3 Common Causes of Commercial Roofing Problems

Commercial roofing problems can stem from a variety of things, including lack of maintenance, harsh weather conditions, and low-quality workmanship. The Prescott area is prone to harsh winds, hail, and monsoons. These weather conditions can cause a variety of issues such as water damage, punctured roofing, broken shingles, or even simply wearing down the roof of your commercial property. 

It’s vital that the roof of your commercial building can withstand the harsh weather in Prescott and that you know the signs of damage to look out for. Below, we will talk about 3 common commercial roof problems in Prescott and then discuss information about TSM Roofing. 

3 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage in Prescott

Old & Deteriorated Roofing 

One of the main reasons for commercial roof damage is an old and worn-down roof. The roof of your commercial property can deteriorate over time due to wear and tear, UV radiation, or lack of maintenance. In order to prevent broken-down roofing materials, and the accumulation of debris, it’s important to have regular inspections, maintenance, and cleaning done for your commercial building. 

Storm Damage in Prescott

Another common cause of commercial roof issues is storm damage. The volatile weather in Prescott can cause a lot of damage to your building that ranges from punctures and dents in the roofing, blistering, warped and missing shingles, loose granules, and water damage from puddles, pooling, and leaks. If you’ve noticed that your building has sustained storm damage, it’s vital to address these issues in a timely manner to stop them from getting worse. Catching issues from storm damage early will help prevent you from having to deal with costly and extensive repairs. 

Sub-Par Workmanship 

If the roof of your commercial building wasn’t installed correctly or low-quality materials were used, you could be dealing with a lot of damage as a result. This low-quality work can range from poorly installed flashing, faulty repairs, and improper ventilation to uneven roofing and unaligned shingles, and a badly installed roof. Unfortunately, these things can lead to structural damage, rot, moisture build-up, uneven roofing, and roof leaks. It’s essential to find a reputable and professional roofing company to work on your home improvement projects. Hiring a local roofing company will save you both time and money in the long run.

TSM Roofing: Your Trusted Roofing Company 

TSM Roofing LLC is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Prescott community since 2016. At TSM Roofing LLC, we are committed to providing residents in Prescott and the surrounding community with superior workmanship, thorough customer service, and durable roofing solutions. Our roofing team is highly skilled and ready to help you find the best solutions for your home in Prescott! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our commercial roofing services and to book a free inspection!